Spring Into Scala

Level Up your Skills by Learning Scala

April 16-19, 2014

Boulder, Colorado

Spring into Scala is an intensive, three day workshop that teaches you the Scala programming language from the ground-up. It's fun, highly-interactive and takes place in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Learn everything you need to become proficient with Scala today!

Scala is one of today's fastest growing languages, and the most successful alternative JVM language of all time.

Scala boasts a powerful type system that helps reduce bugs, powerful features that make it easier to solve difficult problems, and the hottest JVM libraries (Akka, Play).

Today, there are literally thousands of unfilled Scala positions in the United States alone. Salaries range from $80,000 to more than $140,000 USD.

Maximum Scala

Learn the basics, and go beyond with lessons on type-classes, pattern matching, higher-order functions, and higher-kinded types.


The material is broken into 1 hour lessons, with 30 minutes of instruction, and 30 minutes of homework to cement what you've learned.

Three Days

Spend three days immersing yourself in the Scala programming language — a fast way to take your programming skills to the next level.


Immediately apply everything you learn to fun homework problems, build a text-based role-playing game, and a simple key-value store.


John A. De Goes has developed curriculum for and taught classes in Scala, game mathematics, artificial intelligence, linear algebra, and computer graphics. John has also spoken at numerous conferences throughout the years, including OSCON, Strata, and NEScala.

Known for his beginner-friendly, highly-accessible teaching style, John has written best-selling books on computer programming, and is the lead architect behind several open source Scala projects, including the RedEyes web framework.

John is currently principal at De Goes Consulting, where he helps companies tackle tough challenges using the Scala programming language.


Chautauqua Grand Hall and Hiking


Wednesday - Friday: Chautauqua

The workshop takes place at the Chautauqua Grand Assembly. Adjacent to and overlooking the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, Chautauqua is the entry point to hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

The Grand Assembly provides outlets for laptops and high-speed wifi.

If you have a car, you can take these driving directions and park directly at Chautauqua.

If you don't have a car and are coming from downtown Boulder, the easiest way to get to Chautauqua Grand Assembly is to take the HOP bus to 9th and College, and then walk the remaining 4 blocks south to the Chautauqua park entrance. The fare for the HOP bus is $2.25, and exact change is required.

Thursday Night: Announcement Coming Soon!

Saturday: University of Colorado

LambdaConf takes place at the beautiful University of Colorado campus, in walking distance from both downtown Boulder and Chautauqua.

Most major bus routes stop at the University of Colorado, including the SKIP.

Saturday Night: Announcement Coming Soon!

Boulderado St Julien DIA


Boulder is served by the Denver International Airport (symbol: DEN). Low-cost carriers into Denver include Frontier Airlines and Southwest. They fly from most major cities, and you can usually find a roundtrip fare for around $200.

The best way of getting from the airport to Boulder is the RTD Boulder AB Bus Route. The bus takes about an hour and drops you off at the Boulder Transit Station, which is located in the heart of downtown Boulder, and a short walk away from our recommended hotels.

Alternately, Super Shuttle will drop you off directly at your hotel, although they usually take longer to arrive than the bus.

One of the best resources for people new to Boulder is the Boulder Downtown website. You can find maps and routes, dining options, and much more.


If you are coming from out of town, we recommend staying at Chautauqua on Wednesday - Friday, for ease of access to the workshop.

Chautauqua has efficiency cottages, as well as one, two, and three-bedroom cottages at prices ranging from $129 to around $250 a night.


(303) 952-1611 - chautauqua.com

Hotel Boulderado

(303) 442-4344 - boulderado.com

St Julien Hotel

(720) 406-9696 - stjulien.com

Other options include Quality Inn & Suites, Millennium Harvest House, and Boulder University Inn, all within walking distance to downtown Boulder.


LambdaConf is an exciting new conference being held the weekend of Spring into Scala. The conference is dedicated to exploring better ways of writing software through static type systems, functional programming, and declarative programming.

Conference attendees get a free pass to LambdaConf, and the instructor will be teaching special sessions geared toward attendees.

For more information on the conference, please visit the homepage for the event.

Job Fair

In between jobs? Check out the Job Fair — a special opportunity for unemployed programmers to meet with local companies who employ Scala engineers.