Functional Programming in the Wild West

April 19, 2014

Boulder, Colorado

Join other enthusiasts of functional programming in a conference that's focused on helping you master new concepts by writing real code in hands-on workshops.

Level Up

Most conferences just tease you with new concepts. LambdaConf adopts a hands-on, interactive format that helps you gain mastery of new skills.


Don't just listen passively. Become an active participant as you code along with the speaker and experiment with provided examples.

Three Tracks

With three tracks covering a wide range of topics in functional programming, static types, and applied programming, there's something for everyone.


Gobs of chances to network with other enthusiasts during the pre-conference dinner, meals, post-conference drinkup, and Sunday brunch & hike!

Functional programming allows you to write robust code that's smaller, easier to understand, and more composable.

Discover why programmers of every language are embracing functional programming with Colorado's first conference devoted to in-depth workshops on functional programming.



Register, meet attendees, have dinner, and see a few lightning talks on functional programming (slots still open if you want to give a lightning talk!).

Saturday - Day

Come early for breakfast and the conference keynote by Scala co-developer Paul Phillips. Then choose from topics on 3 separate tracks, breaking for a catered group lunch at 12:00.

Welcome & Keynote - ATLAS 100

Track 1 - ATLAS 1B29

Track 2 - ATLAS 100

Track 3 - ATLAS 1B31

Saturday - Night

5:00 - 7:30

Find yourself some fellow attendees and head up the street to downtown Boulder to grab some dinner (not included in conference registration fee).


Don't miss out on the official conference drinkup!

Featuring delicious local beer brewed right here in Boulder, the drinkup is a great way to mix and mingle with functional programmers.

Sunday - Morning


If you're around for Sunday, don't miss a hot brunch and quick hike in the foothills, organized by Scala luminary Daniel Spiewak. Shoes optional (at least for the hike)!

Meet up at 8:00 for the hike at Broadway & Boulder Creek, or 9:45 at [Radda Tratorria](,d.aWw) for just breakfast. The hike takes you on a full circuit through the front range mountains, all the way to Radda.

Chautauqua Grand Hall and Hiking


All venues are located within walking distance from downtown Boulder.

Friday Night: Scrib

Scrib is donating space for the pre-conference dinner and lightning talks. You can find directions to Scrib on Google Maps, or from their website.

Saturday Day: University of Colorado

LambdaConf takes place at the beautiful University of Colorado campus, in walking distance from downtown Boulder.

Most major bus routes stop at the University of Colorado, including the SKIP.

All tracks are conveniently held in the same building: the ATLAS building. See the University of Colorado website for directions.

The track rooms include ATLAS 1B29 (Track 1), ATLAS 100 (Track 2), and ATLAS 1B31 (Track 3). The building and rooms are subject to change.

Saturday Night: Simple Energy

Simple Energy, a local sponsor of LambdaConf, is donating space for the drinkup. You can find directions to Simple Energy on Google Maps.

Sunday: Hike & Brunch

The hike starts at 8:00 from Broadway & Boulder Creek. The hike ends for breakfast at 9:45 at Radda Tratorria. (Cost of breakfast not included in registration fee.) Feel free to show for one or the other or both, as you like!

Boulderado St Julien DIA


Boulder is served by the Denver International Airport (symbol: DEN). Low-cost carriers into Denver include Frontier Airlines and Southwest. They fly from most major cities, and you can usually find a roundtrip fare for around $200.

The best way of getting from the airport to Boulder is the RTD Boulder AB Bus Route. The bus takes about an hour and drops you off at the Boulder Transit Station, which is located in the heart of downtown Boulder, and a short walk away from our recommended hotels.

One of the best resources for people new to Boulder is the Boulder Downtown website. You can find maps and routes, dining options, and much more.


If you are coming from out of town, we recommend staying in downtown Boulder, for ease of access to the conference.

Two great choices include the Hotel Boulderado and St Julien Hotel.

Hotel Boulderado

(303) 442-4344 -

St Julien Hotel

(720) 406-9696 -

Other options include Quality Inn & Suites, Millennium Harvest House, and Boulder University Inn, all within walking distance to downtown Boulder.


* All speakers get a free pass to the conference.